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The Floor - 31st & BRKLYN
The Floor
August 5th 2016

An overlapping engagement in the experiential tracing of repetition and Blackness in relation to the Great Black Migrations of the 20th Century. It will present and remix personal narratives and anecdotes from experiences that are carried around, but normally find no space for articulation or sharing – at the expense of linkages and solidarities in sex, gender, land, love, community, and individual creative identity. The process and installation of the project will unfold over the course of a month, culminating in a ‘Steppers’ night’ – an African American, partnered social dance-evening typically held in late night bars, juke joints, and ballrooms. KC-Style Steppers’ nights are gatherings that strengthen bonds and expose tensions between individual expression, shared experiences and memories. The Floor has received funding and in-kind support from the Andy Warhol Foundation Rocket Grant and Charlotte St. Foundation Artist Residency Program. Premiere’s August 5th 2016

The Floor