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Cat Mahari (Director) - 31st & BRKLYN
Cat Mahari
Cat Mahari 's Bio

Cat Mahari’s performances build on the rich and layered history of her body of work, stemming from her archive of research and physical training with the intent of manifesting an intellectual and informal legacy through documentation.

Her research and movement projects explore the connectivity between sociopolitical behavior and aesthetic processes; the solos and collaborations resource and explore trans-cultural language signs.

In The Floor, she deconstructs repetition’s trans-formative capabilities as an in-depth study into traditions of 2-stepping (partnered dance), The Great Black Migrations of WWII, and African folk lore.

Mahari engages the subjects of Blackness, love, violence, gender, sexuality, desire, humor, and intimacy through an evolving investigation of movement and language.

Her projects are devised in a spectrum of internationalization, non-hierarchical dance and performance exploration, and often feature Pan African cultural aesthetics. Each project often consists of multiple engagements, in a range of different media, grouped around specific themes and meanings.