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Aaron Sutton - 31st & BRKLYN
Aaron Sutton
Aaron Sutton 's Bio

Aaron Sutton is a Afro Cosmic Black Speculative Artist Born from the bleeps and blips of Hip-Hop and Sci-Fi. A bi coastal upbringing shaped his dirty south, West coast Subterranean perspective. As a muralist/ fine artist in Kansas City for over 15 years he has worked on a number of projects in different undeserved communities throughout the metropolitan area.

The majority of his works are created to instill some sort of energetic hi-vibratory mood and positivism with the use of color, cultural imagery, and rhythmic flow. His narrative works hold relevance within Black, Latino and working class communities. His art is available and accessible outside of the regulated intimidating experience of galleries and museums.

Saving all patrons the discrimination one may get when visiting such institutions. Sutton’s explorations in public art and murals is important work for the majority of us without time to struggle to visit a gallery whilst trying to make ends meet in America.